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Keeping Websites Fresh and Updated with Peak Websites

Let’s be honest, whenever we view outdated websites we cringe. Yes, the innovations brought by present-day technology to the digital space are undeniable, and we can now spot outdated and poorly-designed websites. Let’s look at it like this, websites are like cars, they need to be maintained, monitored, and updated to keep them fresh and fully-functioning.

By updating your website, you can essentially help boost your traffic and increase your business’ profitability. Aside from that, website maintenance makes sure that your website’s security stays strong. A few years or even months without proper maintenance can result in unresponsiveness which can annoy your users.

Just recently, we’ve been made aware that our company received its first review on Clutch, an established B2B review and rating agency from Washington, DC. That review features our ongoing website maintenance support for a retail store based in Canada.

An analyst from Clutch personally contacted the Owner of Leka Design and conducted the interview over the phone. The review was then published on February 23, 2021, and it has five-star ratings.

Clutch Review of Peak Websites
Clutch Review of Peak Websites

We had to step in and take care of our client’s website after their past developer left. So far, the client is pleased with our efforts and we are looking forward to starting SEO work with them.

“David’s (Owner & Frontend Developer) very clear and explains web jargon in layman’s terms. I’ve worked with others in the past that don’t do that. David never says more than he needs to, which is really helpful.”

Owner, Leka Design

The fact that our client took the time to leave us a review means a lot to us. We are grateful for their confidence in us.

Our team is also excited to start seeing more reviews come in soon. We know that Clutch will be a powerful avenue for us to showcase our work.

The Power of Search Marketing

Aside from keeping your website fresh, another way to keep your customers engaged is search engine marketing, or also known as search marketing. It’s a form of internet marketing that aims to boost visibility through paid advertising. And yes, it’s quite different from SEO and PPC.

Peak Websites is among the top-performing SEO agencies on The Manifest, a business news website that publishes B2B-related content from across the world. Our company is among the top 100 in the global SEM agencies list.

It’s an honor for us to be featured on The Manifest. We are delighted to have our works and services appreciated by our clients and industry platforms.

Take the first step today and let us know what problem you’re trying to solve. Contact us and schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you and would be happy to help!


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