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The Peak blog covers anything from Web Development trends to SEO and Marketing with our ultimate goal being to educate online business owners on what’s important and what’s happening in and around the web. In doing this, we help online business owners make smart, educated decisions in the service of greater online success.

If you would like to contribute a post or article to the Peak blog, please read our Submission Guidelines and Content Policy:

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must be 100% original and not published anywhere else on the web
  • Submissions must provide credit/attribution – where due – for any third-party content linked to from the article
  • On submission, please make available any media resources that are to be included in the article
  • Include a one-to-two-sentence bio about the author in your submission


  • Peak Websites reserves the right to reject submissions at their discretion
  • Contributors to the Peak blog may not re-publish their submission anywhere else
  • Peak Websites reserves the right to edit, adapt, update, or re-purpose guest submissions at their discretion
  • Peak Websites reserves the right to remove the submission at any time

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