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If you’re running a business and you have a website for your business, then the question for you becomes, how much energy are you putting into ensuring your website will be with you going into the future? Are you paying attention to the health and growth of your website or is it more or less going unnoticed?

If you’re like a lot of business owners, it’s easy to let your website go by the wayside, especially when you’ve got a million other things you have to do to keep your business flowing. 

In my personal experience working as an SEO, a lot of websites get neglected, become outdated, things stop working and this creates problems down the road for you, your customers, and search engines.

And this can hurt your online business in terms of SEO down the road, make no mistake! 

Not taking care of your website and its SEO can result in the loss or deterioration of your online visibility which results in the loss of leads, the loss of customers, and the loss of search engine rankings. 

It’s a bit like a brick-and-mortar establishment; if you stop tending to the infrastructure like pipes, the roofing, and ignore the cracks and leaks, things can start to fall apart and quickly get worse.

On the other hand, by investing a little in your website early on, on a regular basis, you can start moving the needle in the other direction, in the direction of growth. In this way, you’re securing your online future, and make no mistake, so much of the world is online today.

By investing in your online presence now, not only will this help to prevent future breakdowns, but it will also build momentum in the direction of growth, helping to generate more customers and leads, and higher search engine rankings over time, whether you’re a national or a local business more interested in developing your local SEO

All it takes is the recognition of the importance of having a strong online presence in today’s world and finding the right people to support you in getting there.

search engine optimization

By taking regular action and following SEO best practices, you give your website the best shot in succeeding online. That’s because Google and other search engines have preferences in the websites it shows to its visitors; there are certain standards and formats that must be adhered to in order to allow search engine crawlers to read and understand your site.

And not only is this a technical matter, but it’s also a human matter. Search engines care about how well your website performs, how fast it is, how easy it is to use. They care about this because they know real human customers care.

If Google were to give you poor search results every time you tried to find something online, you’d eventually try switching to a different search engine, one that provides you with good results! This is Google’s mandate, this is their core mission and what helps separate them from the other guys. 

That’s why having someone who gets that and knows how to work within those standards and frameworks is so important, and make no mistake, we’ve been doing SEO for a while now and know what works and what doesn’t!

With Peak Websites, you get careful, well-thought-out, and tailor-made strategies designed for your business. You’re not just another client to us. We care about your success and results because we know that they are an extension of our business.

We can help you gain the advantage over your competitors by executing a smart plan that will help drive results where they matter most to your business.

How to improve SEO

SEO involves many different aspects of a business’s online presence. From the technical details of your website like how quickly it loads to more human-related elements like how long people spend on your site, how useful the information is, how easy it is to navigate.

Search engines exist to provide real results to people searching the internet, and in this way, they prioritize the best sites that offer the best information and the best user experience.

In that way, paying attention to all the elements of the online experience matter when it comes to SEO. So in order to improve your SEO, you need to factor in all these different aspects. That’s why it’s so important to find a company that gets that.

One of the first things you need to do to improve your SEO is setting a clear marker for where you currently are! This includes doing tests on your site, for diagnostic purposes, to help identify current weakness; it also includes monitor things are already working and finding ways to improve on that.

For instance, you may already be ranking okay for a certain keyword but may not know how to improve your ranking for that keyword. Or, you may find you aren’t ranking at all for the keywords you want to be ranking for. 

Improving your SEO starts by first identifying what’s working and what’s not, and then systematically addressing these issues in order of what’s most important and what will have the biggest impact on your search results.

When it comes to SEO, results take time, usually a few months before you see the results of your efforts but following best practices and doing what’s been shown to work will have an effect!

Going back to our keywords example, you may find that in order to rank better for a keyword that you’re currently ranking on page 2 for, requires that you introduce more content around that keyword and that you create a better content structure on your website to support that keyword.

On the other hand, if you’re not ranking for a keyword or keyphrase you want to be ranking for, you’ll need to identify if there are gaps in your content (where you should be including that keyword) and making sure to fill those gaps with useful information, information that your customers will find value in.

Content is a very important element to SEO but it’s not everything. As we’ve already touched on, there are other elements at play, including the more technical aspects of the website, including the underlying code and whether or not it’s adhering to best practices for SEO.

For a lot of business owners, becoming an SEO expert in their downtime just isn’t in the cards – it’s hard enough to succeed at one business vocation, let alone picking up a whole new skill. 

It’s often in the best interest of the business to find an SEO expert that can provide specific, customized SEO strategies for their business, that over time will help to deliver the results they’d like to see, including ranking better for their most important keywords.

Why does SEO matter?

If you’ve got a business website, you’re already online but just how much attention and effort are going into growing and maintaining that website?

The thing about SEO is that it’s a lot like investing in your retirement. 

Consider this analogy: let’s say you put 10% of your monthly or weekly earnings into a savings account. Over time, those savings earn interest and start to compound. Years later, you look back and you’re amazed at how much your savings have grown.

SEO works just the same way. You start by investing a little in your SEO each month, and over time, month-after-month, the investment in your SEO starts to grow and accumulate until it reaches a point where it’s gained so much momentum that it now tops the search results page.

SEO is not like digital marketing, where you pay to play and pay for visibility, but once you stop paying, your website is pulled down from the front page. 

On the other hand, SEO is a durable solution to being found online. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t require you to trade value for visibility, SEO builds its own strength and once you’ve garnered enough momentum, you can let the search engines do what they do and show its users the best results.

If you’ve been diligent with investing in your website’s SEO, then your website will appear as one of those top results. In that way, you’re getting free advertising that lasts! It’s no longer pay to play, it’s long-term, durable, free organic advertising.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in your SEO and to start early! 

Start now because SEO is a slow build that only increases over time. You have to assume your competitors are already working on their SEO (although my experience tells me that many businesses overlook the power and importance of SEO) so the longer you wait to prioritize your website’s SEO, the further you’ll be left behind.

And the nice thing is, SEO doesn’t have to cost a lot either. For a couple hundred bucks a month (if you work with us), you can slowly start to gain regular, recurring organic traffic that can turn into regular paying customers. So the question is, what’s that worth to your business?

What’s the value in driving highly relevant consumers that are looking for your service or product to your business? What would the return on investment look like for you?

Like I outlined above, SEO is a way to gain long-term exposure in search engines, and the internet doesn’t sleep, so your business is always visible to your customers, no matter what time it is or where they’re searching from in the world.

SEO is the key to securing your little corner of the web and ensuring that your business isn’t getting left behind. Don’t ignore your SEO. Start now and you’ll be so glad you did!

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO will vary depending on the needs of the business, in most cases.

For example, if a business has a very large website with specific needs, then that will require more work on a monthly basis. Or if a website has gone for years without any attention, there may be more work required up-front in order to get it to a good standing. 

There are a lot of different scenarios that will contribute to the pace and amount of work required in order to get to a healthy SEO position.

However, at Peak Websites, we prefer to work with smaller, local businesses. Our approach is to execute regularly monthly SEO as a way to affect incremental change over time. In our experience, this is the best way to do SEO as it’s at a pace that can be measured and monitored. 

The cost of SEO can go into the thousands-of-dollars but with Peak Websites, we offer a monthly starter $199 SEO plan that provides clients with regular SEO results. 

We work each month to move your website into the best direction to gain SEO results that matter to your business. By doing regular work, we continue to grow and nurture the health and strength of your website, and this is what Google and other search engines like to see.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Peak Websites is a locally-owned web services business that caters to small businesses. We’re limited to the number of clients we can work with, so when we choose to work with you, you get our complete attention.

Each business we work with matters to us, as their success becomes our success. A happy customer for us is the reason we exist. We don’t exist just to make a buck but to visibly move the needle for your business and we do this by investing in and understanding your business.

Unlike some other SEO agencies, we don’t outsource the work to contractors or freelancers on some distant shore, we take responsibility and pride in being able to use our knowledge and expertise to make a real difference for your business. We’re with you for the long run.

We also don’t charge unexplained or exorbitantly high monthly fees. We believe in offering fair and honest value to our clients. SEO is an often-misunderstood area of online marketing but we don’t hide behind the technical jargon of SEO in order to confuse or mislead our customers; we explain to you in everyday language what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. 

We believe in being clear and transparent with our customers so they can feel that they’re getting a real value for their money. Each month, we provide you with the results of our work and what was done. 

We’re experts not only in SEO but in websites in general. What that means for our customers is that they receive a greater value; instead of having to go find experts in several different but related fields, they can get what they need from one web services company. This gives business owners the ease and peace of mind to be able to focus on running their business and not worrying about their websites.

We would love an opportunity to help you with your SEO. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation and let’s take care of your website!


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