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Would you like to see your business ranking on the first page of Google? How about in the top 3 of Google’s “local pack”. The key to doing that lies in optimizing your Web presence.

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Google’s ‘Local Pack”

Another term for web presence optimization is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you’re reading this then you likely already know what that is. But your knowledge probably stops there, otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for affordable SEO services.

Peak Websites is a local SEO company offering SEO packages, local SEO packages, SEO analysis, SEO consultancy and more. Despite the different approaches we take to see results, our biggest satisfaction is seeing our clients succeed!

Keep reading to learn all about how we can help your business succeed online with SEO!

Our SEO Strategy (in 2018!)

In the SEO world, there is no set rulebook. No todo-list that can be applied to every situation, business or client. SEO is constantly evolving and is both an art and a science.

It’s precisely for that reason that best SEO campaign starts with a clear understanding of your business.

The first step in our SEO Strategy is to learn about you and your business, its unique strengths and it’s challenges. We seek first to gain a deep understanding of what’s really at stake, so we can create the best SEO strategy for the needs of your business.

Once we have a clear vision of the SEO goals, we begin carrying out a comprehensive SEO audit of your current Web presence.

An SEO audit is a vital first step when undertaking any new SEO campaign. They provide a high-level overview of the business’s current SEO and act as a “starting point” from which to begin developing an effective SEO strategy.

An SEO audit includes:

  • Ranking Report (includes which of your keywords rank and their current positions)
  • Local SEO Analysis including Google My Business and online directories
  • Technical Overview of the Crawl Health and Site Architecture of website
  • Performance Review including load times and resource allocation
  • Usability and User-Experience Analysis
  • Competitive Research, Analysis & Review
  • On-Page SEO Checks
  • Actionable takeaways-aways and areas of focus
  • and much more

Keyword Research & Analysis

Once we have established a clear vision of what success looks like for your business and have performed a full SEO audit of your Web presence, we begin to identify the best keywords for your business. These keywords both align with what you want to rank for as well as fitting a certain criteria that balances keyword competitiveness with traffic volume and search intent.

Search Intent in SEO: The ‘Why’ behind Why We Search.

The ‘search intent’ behind a user query determines what the user wants to get out of their search. Search intent will vary from minute-to-minute and user-to-user.

For example, think about how we use search when we want to learn something versus want to buy something. Positioning your content for the right search intent is the key.

Often the keywords we think we want to rank for are not the best keywords to target due to their level of competition or because they don’t match the right search intent.

Uncovering keywords with the right search intent and ensuring a healthy balance of search traffic volume and competitiveness is pivotal in providing your website with a steady stream of relevant traffic more likely to convert.

We will uncover the best keywords for your business then deliver on a plan to put those keywords to work for you in Google and all the major search engines.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Once we have determined the best keywords to target, we begin tailoring the existing code on your website to reflect these new keywords and phrases. This involves targeting specific page elements that Google and other search engines use in their ranking algorithms.

Often, during this step, there is a necessity to add, update or create additional content and/or pages on the website to support and include the keywords that were uncovered in the previous step. By including these keywords into the fabric of your site, we will begin to attract more traffic and more relevant visitors to your site.

Content is a huge part of SEO, it’s the vehicle for keywords and critical to allowing users and search engines to understand and index your site. Ensuring quality, keyword-rich content is key to longterm SEO success. If you struggle with your content needs, we can help to produce quality content for your business.

Local SEO

If you are a local business and have aspirations to rank well (or better than well!) in your locality, we can help!

Local SEO and local SEO marketing is the practice of ranking well in a business’s locality and involves local SEO strategies that include developing a diverse online citation profile, generating positive customer engagement including getting more Google reviews, and sending regular positive “social signals” to Google and other search engines telling them that people are interacting with your business.

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location, multiple locations, are a National brand or even a virtual business, a proper “local” SEO profile is vital to be found online.

Check out our local SEO Packages if you are interested in improving your local SEO!

Backlinks & Linkbuilding

Links are the backbone of a successful SEO campaign and act like votes of confidence in favor of your business. When a particular website links to yours, it sends a signal to Google and other search engines that the linking website recognizes your website as worth linking to.

Developing a robust, diverse backlink profile is one of the major ranking factors for search engines like Google and one of the best ways to rank higher in search.

However, not all backlinks are created equal and linking to the wrong source can be detrimental to a business’s ranking positions online. Part of our backlink strategy is developing high-quality, relevant, and regular backlinks that will support positive growth over the lifespan on your website.

Technical SEO

Behind and underneath keywords and backlinks, there is a fundamental layer of SEO that needs to be addressed: that is Technical SEO or the infrastructure that helps to support a healthy SEO strategy.

Technical SEO is the foundation to a good SEO campaign
Technical SEO is the core infrastructure that an SEO campaign is built on. Image from Portent

Technical SEO requires being vigilant of the computer-readable aspects of SEO, namely, how successfully and clearly all your SEO hard work is being interpreted by the search engines that crawl it as well as the overall user experience the code delivers.

Broken links and poor user experiences result in diminished traffic and lost conversions, as well as a “leak” in the flow of “SEO juice” (yes, that’s the technical term for it!) around your website. When the structure of a website cannot be interpreted by search engines (and site visitors!) it becomes a drain on the entire Web presence, hindering growth.

A big part of SEO is optimizing the underlying areas of a web presence beyond keyword and traffic metrics. Naturally, creating a synergy between all elements of a good SEO campaign involves finding and correcting technical SEO errors.

User Experience and Website Performance

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of User Experience and website performance on SEO. Google has made it clear that usability and website load times affect rankings.

Having a quick, readable, easy to use website works to not only to improve rankings, but elevate the entire User Experience, extending the amount of time people spend on your site, and ultimately increasing conversions.

As part of our SEO strategy, we will handle the required website development and design aspects that contribute to good website Usability and User Experience.

SEO Reports

We believe it benefits all parties to maintain clarity and transparency when generating growth through a strategic SEO campaign. Our SEO Reports allow for the opportunity to demonstrate the effects of our work as well as highlight areas of opportunity and improvement that the business owner can use to improve their business.

This information can be extremely valuable for business owners in directing future developments, both on and offline. For example, through careful SEO analysis, we may discover keywords within your site that are performing better than expected, warranting a shift in how that content is distributed on and off the site. The reverse could also be true for a keyword that everyone expected to perform well that is not living up to expectations.

This sort of information provides great insight into a business’s audience as well as the overall strength of their online profile and allows business owners to make wiser decisions down the road.

To our clients, we provide SEO reports regularly, usually on a month-to-month basis, and meet with the business (whether virtually, by phone or in person) to walk them through the report in a way that is actionable, understandable, and useful in making their business better.

By now, it should be pretty clear that SEO is a diverse and intricate subject requiring a level of expertise, thoughtfulness and a high degree of care and attention. We hope you’ll trust Peak Websites in guiding you through your next SEO campaign and make ranking effectively on Google a reality for your business.

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SEO Features:

Our approach to SEO is unique to each business, driven by data, and follows industry best-practices. Here is some of what you can expect from our SEO Service:

Customized Strategy

SEO is not a ’one-size-fits-all‘ proposition. Each business is unique and has its own set of opportunities and challenges. Our experts approach every new campaign with fresh eyes to determine the best strategy to suit the individual needs of the business.

In-Depth SEO Audits

A comprehensive audit of your website and current optimization level establishes a foundation for an effective SEO campaign, uncovering hidden opportunities and revealing deficiencies that can mean the difference between ranking in the top 3 search results or virtually not ranking at all.

White-Hat Link Building

There is no under-stating the importance of quality backlinks to your website. We work hard to create meaningful link partnerships to the websites and influencers that matter, proactively developing a robust link profile that delivers real results.

Local Search Strategy

At least one-third of web searches today are of a ”local intent“. For local businesses, we develop a robust Local SEO footprint that puts your business on the map and ranking high in local search results.

Content Outreach & Promotion

It’s not enough to just create great content - you’ve got to get it out there to make a difference in your SEO. Through effective Keyword Research and On-Page SEO, we make sure your hard-won content is being seen and making an impact on your traffic and search rankings.

Regular Reporting

SEO is an ongoing process and to be most effective, one has to track results over time. We record and monitor everything we do and provide regular campaign reports so you can see what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to focus only on the things that matter to your bottom line.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is an important aspect of developing a winning SEO strategy. By looking at the competition, we gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses and uncover opportunities that we incorporate into building-out a more effective campaign strategy for you.

Website Performance Optimization

Part of what drives success for online business is delivering a positive user experience from any location or device. Our expert developers optimize your web presence for maximum performance and speed so that you provide a winning online experience to customers every time.

SEO Services:

Choose the SEO Service best suited to your current needs:

SEO Blast

For businesses that want a complete 360° check-up of all aspects on their web presence but aren’t ready for a commitment to long-term SEO campaign, we offer our SEO Blast, a one-off service that involves taking stock of every aspect of your online presence and making small, strategic tweaks to better put you on track towards your goals. You can think of it as a B12 shot-in-the-arm for your SEO.

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SEO Consulting

We offer one-time or regular SEO consulting for businesses or individuals that want help in creating and developing an SEO strategy of their own. We can help to guide your decisions and ensure that you are taking positive steps forward towards reaching your SEO goals.

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Content Creation

Content is at the heart of ranking in Search Engines and is the vehicle for the keywords that people are searching for. However, creating content is demanding and not all businesses are positioned to allow for this increased demand.

Peak Websites understands the importance of quality content, creating a network of professional writers that are able to produce informative and value-driven content in any niche.

Combined with our in-depth keyword research and On-Page optimization, we make it easier than ever to produce web pages that will rank.

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Strategic SEO Campaign

For businesses that want to see a noticeable impact on their exposure and visibility in search engines as well as increases in targeted, organic traffic to their website, we offer our Strategic SEO Campaign.

This is a comprehensive and ongoing effort directed at fulfilling specific online business goals for your particular needs and objectives.

We work with you to understand and determine the necessary actions, now and in the future, to secure the kind of placement your business would like to see.

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