Local SEO Packages

As more people get used to using their phones to find the products or services they want, it’s more important than ever for local businesses to be found online in local search results.

For businesses looking to optimize their visibility online, Peak Website offers local SEO packages: personalized, monthly SEO strategies designed to optimize and maximize a business’s visibility in local search.

The process begins with a 360-degree SEO audit of your site and online presence as a whole including how well you stack up to your competitors and how well your site and online presence is optimized for the keywords that matter most to your business.

We’ll analyze the strength of your website on a technical level also to ensure that it is operating efficiently and that is it secure.

From there, we’ll review the keywords you’re currently ranking for as well as the keywords you probably should be ranking for and develop a content strategy that will be rolled out over the weeks and months to come.

Don’t worry if this sounds a little overwhelming! You won’t be responsible for any of the heavy lifting. In fact, each month, we’ll send you a report of what we did and how we’re doing in terms of results and progress.

Along the way, we’ll look for opportunities to build more backlinks (a key factor for higher rankings in search), develop local citations, and regularly post content on your site and social media channels to drive further traffic and user engagement to your business.

SEO takes time!

SEO is not something that happens overnight – much like putting money away each month for your retirement – but over time, that consistent effort will pay off and it’ll be very hard to knock you off the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO can become a powerful force for your business, much more than advertising that stops when you stop paying for it. SEO typically takes a few months to start seeing clear results but is a cost-effective and sustainable way for businesses to expand their visibility online and drive consistent visitor traffic to their business online and in-store.

Local SEO Packages

Local SEO packages are designed to drive greater visibility and higher search engine rankings in search engines both locally and abroad. They are consistent, monthly packages that build on themselves over time.

Each month, Peak will focus on the most important areas to develop (this could be fixing technical SEO issues, adding content, building backlinks, social media, and so on) as well as look ahead towards the future to plan for goals that are most important for the business owner. During the initial phase of the campaign, we will look at where the business wants to be in terms of time (1 year, 5 years, 10 years).

Depending on how aggressive and how much you want to pursue the health, security, and success of your website and online presence, there are 3 different types of packages available from basic SEO services to the full gamut of website security and redundancy (backups). The latter gives the business owner the most ease and peace of mind and is more aggressive, while the former places more responsibility in the hands of the business owner and is more gradual.

All SEO packages are no-commitment, contract-free, so you can cancel at any time.

Getting to the first page requires hard work but it’s possible by using the right approach and sticking to it. As Google is slow and takes its time (and it’s a big web out there!), it usually takes a few months to before you can start seeing results. Understanding this and having realistic expectations will help to get the best results from an SEO campaign.

Local SEO Package Options

There are 3 different local SEO packages available. Each one builds upon the next and adds additional features.


The Basic package offers a core set of SEO strategies designed to put your business on the path to gaining more visibility in search and driving more relevant traffic to your website. 

It involves discovering your business’s essential keywords and optimizing your site for them as well as finding strong linking partners to boost your business’s authority online, an essential factor for getting to page one. 

It also includes regular content creation (with permission from the business) to further drive traffic and engagement, regular SEO audits and website updates, and regular monthly reporting so you always know what’s going on.


The Advanced package includes everything from the basic package but in addition, works to build and streamline your business’s local citations as well as actively engaging and monitoring your customers activity and satisfaction on social media, including regular social media posts. 

Together, this will drive further customer engagement, stimulate more crawl frequency to your website, and improve your business’s visibility in search by being included in many of the local search directories.


The Premium package offers the most support and protection for your website and online presence. It includes everything from the first two packages but also includes premium security support and regular website backups. 

This package protects your website by ensuring that, in the event of an unforeseen event, the website can be restored to its original state with minimal downtime. This package offers the greatest ease and peace of mind for the business owner while executing SEO aggressively.

The Premium package is recommended if you’d rather not worry about your website – let us do it!

Local SEO Packages Pricing:

($250 setup)
($359 setup)
Keyword Research
Rank Tracking
SEO Site Crawls
On-Page Optimization
Link Building
Competitive Research
Technical SEO
Monthly Progress Reports
Content Creation
Google My Business Optimization
Social Media Posting
Local Citations
Website Security
Regular Website Backups

Have questions? Want to get started? Call Dave to set up a free 30-minute consult and see if a local SEO package is right for you!

What’s included in local SEO packages:

To learn more about what each feature has to offer, here’s a breakdown of what’s included in local SEO packages:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research involves finding and discovering the best current and possible keywords to drive relevant search traffic to your site. 

Keywords are the bridge between your customer and your business and by zero-ing in on the search terms that your customers are using to find the products and services you offer, you can better position yourself to be found in the search results.

Some keywords are harder to rank for than others. For example, cars is a very broad keyword, but 2003 Toyota Camry used is much more specific. Keyword research is the process of finding the best keywords that will drive relevant search traffic to your business.

Rank Tracking

In order to understand and see the results of the optimization being done, as well as locating the best opportunities to focus on, it’s important to track and measure results.

The ranking for a keyword will vary by geographic location – searches that originate closer to a local business will be higher than if the search comes from a different country – as well as the search device (whether mobile or desktop).

In any case, the information that is revealed through tracking the rank of certain keywords will help to clarify which strategies to focus on and where potential course-correction is needed. It also validates successes when a keyword rank is on the rise!

SEO Site Crawls

An SEO site crawl or SEO audit is a diagnostic inspection of a website and helps to uncover all the technical elements that may be working against the optimization of the site. 

Performing regular SEO audits can help to identify what needs to be addressed, as technical deficiencies on a website can have a negative impact on how well a site is crawled and how frequently.

Executing regular scans and repairing what is currently out of order is critical to ensuring that a site can be ranked well in search engines.

On-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization is just what it sounds like and involves optimizing the page with the goal of ranking that page for a particular keyword or group of keywords.

Typically, each page would represent a top keyword to focus on, and all the elements of that page, the title, the meta description, the text and images, and links, would all work together to provide the best shot at being ranked for that keyword.

On-page SEO works in combination with the other aspects of SEO including the technical health of a website, the authority (trust) of a website, and more.

Part of what makes a website viable to be ranked highly in search results is that authority or trust level of a website. That is, how trustworthy is a website and can it be trusted to provide real people with a good experience.

What makes Google the leader in search engines is the quality of the search results it shows to its users. Link building is, in effect, building relationships with other related businesses (read: websites) in order to gain more trust and confidence from Google.

When Google recognizes that your website is connected to other trustworthy websites, you will also benefit from that connection. Through building relationships and getting linked-to from other relevant websites, the authority of your website grows.

Building links and earning more domain authority is vital to be ranked on the first page of search results.

Competitive Research

It can be incredibly useful to look at what your competitors are doing in order to mimic their strategies or to develop your own. Oftentimes, it makes sense to study the top ranked businesses and take a page out of their playbook in order to compare their results against your own.

Competitive Research does just that and looks at who’s linking to these competitors, what keywords they’re ranking for, how trustworthy their site is, the technical health of their website, and so on. It offers clarity and sets up a benchmark target for what is required to outrank them.

Competitive Research is very useful in helping to guide an SEO strategy and establish a framework for how to rise in the search results by uncovering information and resources that are already driving results.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with what goes on behind the scenes and how search engines crawl, render and index a website for the web. 

It includes the structure of a website and how the site is linked together, how easily and quickly a page is able to lead, how clear and accessible the code is in order to be understood and crawl properly, and a hundred other little things that can hinder the ability of a webpage to be properly indexed (Google’s reference to your page) and presented in search results.

If a website is not able to be crawled effectively, then it is essentially invisible to search engines and thus invisible to customers. Technical SEO typically follows a SEO site crawl that identifies the most glaring and damaging issues so that they can be repaired and rectified.

Monthly Progress Reports

At the end of each month, you will receive a monthly SEO report that provides information on the work that was done that month and well as the progress of the SEO campaign.

This report will include keyword rankings, content updates, competitor insights, technical SEO improvements, link building efforts, on-page SEO information and much more. 

The goal is to provide continued accountability and transparency to the customer as well as providing context to the business so that the online and offline business remain in sync and on the same page, so to speak.

Content Creation

A big part of what makes a website successful in search results and drives visitors to a website is the quality and quantity of content that is found on the website. However, in many cases, content on local business websites is thin (there isn’t much of it) or it isn’t regularly updated or added to. 

This can have a negative impact on SEO as a website and it’s information can get stale, and this discourages search engines and visitors from visiting the site. Eventually, more current and active websites will outrank it.

It can be hard to expect a business owner to also create regular content for their website, so as part of each local SEO package, regular content will be created to support the growth and progress of the SEO campaign.

The content will be based on relevant keywords and opportunities that are uncovered through keyword and competitive research. The content will first gain the approval of any stakeholders before being posted unless otherwise agreed to.

Posting regular, high-quality, and targeted content is a great strategy for developing more domain authority, building links, and driving relevant traffic to a website.

Google My Business Optimization

Google is the dominant search engine online and offers it’s own business tool, Google My Business, to help identify and present local businesses in their best light. Google My Business offers a host of tools and insights to help businesses stay up-to-date and promote their business online.

To leverage the power of GMB, local SEO packages include the optimization and usage of the business’s GMB account in order to support the efforts of the SEO campaign. This service also includes creating regular Google My Business posts in line with current keyword research.

Combined with the optimization of the website, Google My Business can be a helpful support tool to drive the success of the SEO campaign.

Social Media Posting

Similar to posting regularly on Google My Business to stay current and keep customers up-to-date, regularly engaging on social media is another effective strategy for stimulating engagement and driving consistent traffic.

As part of the Advanced and Premium packages, targeted content will be posted regularly on the most relevant and useful social media platforms in line with a content strategy designed around the best keywords for the business.

Local Citations

Websites like Yelp, Foursquare, and 411.ca are all examples of website directory aggregators. They provide information about businesses as well as increasing the visibility of a business among customers searching for certain services or products.

They can also provide additional streams of traffic. It’s important that a business is registered on the top local directory sites, not only for the added visibility and traffic, but also as another sign of trust to search engines for your site.

The Advanced and Premium packages ensure that your business is registered with all the main website directory sites.

Website Security

It can get hairy out there on the web so it’s important to protect your website against outside influences. As part of the Premium local SEO package, premium website security is included on your website.

This security plugin provides a website firewall, prevents and regular scans for malware, and brings with it additional protection against malicious attacks

Regular Website Backups

When things do go south, it’s critical to have a backup in place in case you have to restore your website to an earlier version. The Premium package includes regular backup and storage of your site in the event that something happens and the site needs to be restored.

You may not think about backing up your site when things are going well but trust that you’ll be happy you had one if the situation does arise.

To get started or to find out more about signing up for a local SEO package, call Dave at Peak Websites.


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