Local SEO Packages

A search results page is made up of “sections” – appearing in each of them requires a different strategy.

Local SEO is an aspect of SEO that focuses on optimizing a business for its local market. It deals with the sections of the search results that the local maps sometimes called the “local-pack” appear.

The top 3 local businesses in this section receive at least 20% of total clicks from consumers. These consumers are usually ready to buy or at least researching where to buy.

Local SEO Packages: What’s Inside?

Our local SEO packages follow the best strategies for optimizing businesses to appear in this section of the search results page.

We begin by understanding your business’s market. We look at your competitors and research the keywords that will drive the most relevant, valuable traffic to your website.

You see, not all traffic is valuable. Traffic with the intent to buy from your business or at least consider doing business with you is the most valuable kind.

After that, we audit your website and compare our keyword research against your current website. We then make the necessary on-page changes to your website.

Next, we optimize your online presence by connecting your site to all the important online databases. This makes it easier for relevant customers to find your business online and sends important trust signals to Google.

We especially optimize your Google My Business listing and include Review Generation Markup as part of your local SEO strategy.

The result of the Local SEO package is gaining top-3 exposure in local maps and ranking on the first page of Google for your business’s most important keywords.

Local SEO packages can be purchased month-to-month but we advise starting with a 3-to-6-month SEO campaign as SEO is historically a patience-game.

SEO is a lot like planting a seed that can grow into an Oak tree. Plant early and reap the rewards for years to come!

If you want to continue to improve your SEO and rank for more keywords, we will continue to work with you to achieve those results.

Local SEO Packages include:

  • Top rankings for your business’s most important local keywords
  • Regular inclusion in Google’s top-3 map locations
  • Optimized Google My Business listing and other major search engines
  • Inclusion in over 50 local and national business directories
  • Website On-Page Optimization
  • Google Review Generation Markup
  • Social Media Strategy and review
  • Advanced Structured Data Markup
  • Website Usability and Performance improvements
  • Local SEO Reports
  • and much more

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