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SEO Packages

We offer quality, personalized, and affordable SEO packages suitable for a variety of ventures and businesses including local trades, restaurants, law offices, financial agencies and more.

Regardless of the shape or size of your business, we can work with you to develop an SEO package that fits your goals and your budget.

Depending on your business objectives, we offer short-term or long-term SEO Campaigns, local SEO packages, and SEO Consulting services for business owners looking for advanced training and knowledge about how they can improve their own Google ranking.

If you’d like to improve the SEO of your business but don’t have an internal team on hand, consider working with us! We want to help you succeed online and can provide you with an effective, affordable SEO package regardless of where your business is in its SEO journey.

SEO Campaigns

When a business seeks to create unpaid, organic traffic to their website, they turn to Search Engine Optimization. Unlike paid advertisements, SEO never stops working for your business.

SEO is an investment and much like going to the gym, the more you invest in your SEO, the more you get out of it.

SEO Campaigns are designed to help reach specific business goals, like driving more visitors to a particular landing page, gaining more website subscribers, generating more awareness around a particular product or service, and so on. Depending on the objectives, the length of an SEO campaign will vary.

In general, SEO results don’t happen overnight. Due to the nature of search engines and the complexity of their ranking algorithms, SEO results take time.

But just like investing money over time, the value of the investment compounds and, unlike paid advertisements, SEO keeps working for your business for months and years to come even after you’ve stopped investing in it.

Don’t wait to start improving your SEO. Every month that you’re not taking action is a month your competitor is!

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Local SEO Packages

For local businesses, we’ve designed Local SEO Packages.

These are shorter-term SEO campaigns designed to supercharge your local SEO and rapidly improve your business’s local presence in Google search.

Part of our strategy includes helping your business to appear in Google’s local-pack:

A snapshot of Google's local-pack for lawyers in Victoria BC
44% of searchers click in the local pack

We also help to optimize your business’s website to rank on the first page for your most valuable local keywords.

We achieve these results through a combination of on-page and off-page SEO, including local directory listings, optimizing website keywords, and generating an increase in social signals and Google reviews.

In addition, we can help to create and refine website landing pages in order to convert more visitors into customers.

Altogether, Local SEO packages give local businesses the boost they need to be competitive in their local market.

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SEO Consultant

Not sure where to begin? Thinking of trying your hand at SEO? Start with an SEO Consultation and find answers to your most pressing SEO questions!

Our experts will walk you through examining your own SEO profile and answer any questions you may have, identifying actionable opportunities you can implement right away based on where you are and where you want to be.

Regardless of your level of experience or knowledge of SEO, we will introduce you to tools and resources, and provide you with concrete steps you can take to start seeing improved rankings online.

After consulting with us, you’ll feel much better about ways to improve your own SEO online.

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