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Odds are you found us because we were on the first page of Google for SEO Victoria BC. That wasn’t an accident.

The vast majority of online experiences start with a Google search. From there, most people don’t bother scrolling past the first page of search results, with the top 5 organic results receiving the lion’s share of traffic and clicks.

If you’re a local business trying to gain more leads and visibility online, you’ll quickly understand why ranking on the first page of Google is so important, and why investing in good SEO is one of the best things you can do for your business long-term.

There’s an old joke in the digital marketing world that goes “‘if you ever want to hide a dead, the best place to do it is on the 2nd page of Google’. A little morbid, but it’s true. If you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, you’re practically invisible!

We know what it takes to rank local businesses high up in search engines. Peak Websites can help you win the SEO game with tried-and-true SEO strategies that will help your business rank on the first page of Google.

Our SEO Process

Get To Know Your Business

Before we even start changing tweaking code or changing things on your website, we take some time to get to know you and your business. Only by first understanding who you are and what’s most valuable to you can we begin to put together a strategy that will have the best chance of succeeding.

Initial SEO Audit

Once we’ve established that we’re the best fit for your business, we begin by creating a benchmark of where you currently are. This comes in the form of a full SEO audit, including your website, keywords, and competitors. By gaining insight into where the business currently is, we can best figure out what needs to be addressed first and go from there.

Keyword Research and Content Planning

While conducting our audit, we’ll take into account which keywords you’re currently ranking for as well as discover new keywords that you should be ranking for in order to drive optimal search engine results. We’ll put together a content plan and create keyword-optimized content to add to your website over the weeks and months to come.

Website Optimization

After an initial audit, we then know what needs to be addressed and, more often than not, most of this work revolves around your website. We need to ensure that your website is performing at a high level and providing a great user experience for visitors and potential customers as well as being optimized for maximum search visibility.

Off-Page SEO and Backlink Building

Once the website and its content are optimized for an optimal user experience and more search traffic, we then look to build your website's reputation off-page by developing a robust backlink profile for your business around the web and using social to drive more engagement and social signals back to your website.

Track Results

We track everything from keyword rankings and traffic volume to website speed and backlinks. Tracking enables us to know if we are on track and where we need to course correct in order to stay on target. Each month, we share a full report with our clients as to the progress of our SEO campaign.

Regular Reporting and Communication

It’s vital for the growth of your business to understand how you’re performing online. That’s why each month we provide a detailed analysis and report of the growth and health of our SEO campaign. This allows for greater flexibility and growth for the business as we can communicate what’s having an effect on their business online.

What our Clients say

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Obsessed with your Success

We know that we only look good if we're getting results for our clients. That's why we don't stop until we're meeting and exceeding our targets!

Tight Focus on our Clients

We're a small outfit at Peak Websites and choose to only work with a small set of clients at any one time. That means we are always responsive and available to our clients in a pinch, when they need us.

Fairer Pricing

Because we don't have the overhead of a large agency, we're able to offer our clients better pricing for our services and that's money that stays in your pockets.

Get a free consultation and SEO Audit


What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of ranking highly in the organic search results for keywords that are relevant to your business. If done right, your website or pages of your website will appear in the organic search results section of the search engine results page (SERPs) of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Effective SEO is achieved by optimizing your website and its content to be the preferred result of search engines like Google for certain keywords or keyword groups that are valuable to your target audience and relevant to your business. You wouldn’t want to rank highly for just any keyword but only the keywords that drive the most relevant traffic to your website where you can convert visitors into customers.

Google, and other search engines, strive to provide their users with the best possible result to match the user’s search query. SEO, in short, is positioning your website to be the best choice in the eyes of Google for the keywords that matter most to your business.