Website Maintenance Services

Having a website can be a full-time job, especially if you are trying to grow your business.

It seems there is always something to do and unless you have the time, resources and/or technical know-how to do it yourself, you’re probably best to leave it to the people who know best.

At Peak Websites, we offer more than just website maintenance services. We offer you more freedom and peace of mind.Website Maintenance Services

When you have the confidence in knowing that your website is being managed by an experienced team of Web Developers, SEOs, and Online marketers – and want to see you succeed online – you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time worrying about your website.

If you see the value in investing in your online presence as a way to invest in your business and the future, we offer affordable and customized monthly website maintenance plans tailored to the needs of your business.

We take the time to understand your vision of success and help to create a way to get you there. Space is limited so act now and secure your regular website maintenance services.

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Website Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance service is designed to cover all the bases including website security, regular website back-ups, improved website performance and easy access to an SEO and Web Developer to make on-site changes when needed.

In a monthly report, we let you know what we did and provide you with valuable insights that you can use to make your website – and your business – better.

All of this is included in our monthly website maintenance plans.

Monthly Website Maintenance Plans

Unfortunately, websites require a certain level of maintenance from month to month to keep them running smoothly. They also need to be updated and managed a lot more due to the nature of business these days.

Maintenance is especially needed if you have a WordPress website, because of its popularity and open-source nature, it’s a big target for hackers. So if your website uses WordPress, be sure to check out our WordPress Website Maintenance service to learn more about what kind of maintenance a WordPress website needs.

Because of this need for constant upkeep, we decided to offer this service in the form of website maintenance plans.

These plans are customized to the needs of your business and provide a great deal of support and flexibility as your business grows and as your online needs change and evolve.

In any case, our website maintenance service will manage all the important aspects of your website reliably, securely, and professionally.

Read more about our Website Maintenance Plans.

What Does Website Maintenance Include?

We cover all the essential aspects of maintaining your website plus some additional benefits you might not get with other service providers.

Improved Website Security

As cybercrime is a growing threat for small business, protecting your investment is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Part of our service to you is providing enhanced security for your website to protect it from hacks and cyberattacks. Although no website is ever 100% secure, the added protection you get with us means that, in the event of a security breach, you’ll be in the best position to recover.

Regular Website Back-ups

Part of maintaining a website for the long-term is making sure its data is protected. We perform robust and regular website back-ups so in the event that something does happen, we can restore your website to its original state.

Website Content Updates

We know it can be annoying when you want to change something on your website but don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Part of website maintenance service includes the ability to call on us in such events. We will be there to update your website quickly and effectively!

Website Performance Optimization

Website performance is becoming a more important element to how successful your online business is. Search engines take this into account and so do your users. We work to improve the performance of your website so that it works great not just for humans but for search engines, too!

User Experience Improvements

Similar to the technical performance of your website, the User Experience (UX) is another important factor in keeping visitors engaged and spending more time on your website. We can help to improve UX on both desktop and mobile, leading to better engagement and better website results.

Bug Fixes and Error Removal

Sometimes things go wrong – but don’t panic! We are always close by in the event that an emergency strikes. Problem with your website? Need help? Get in touch and we will be there in a snap to help set things straight.

Website Management & Webmaster Services

We keep a close eye on your website, doing things behind the scenes that you would probably notice, like monitoring how Google sees your website, how well it behaves on mobile devices, changes to how search engines crawl and index your site, and much more.

Website Migration

Sometimes its necessary to migrate your website from one host to another. This can be a nervous proposition unless you’ve got people on your side who know how to do it right. We can also help with WordPress website migration

Website Hosting

The quality of your host is important because speed matters and if you’re using a basic web host or one that isn’t geographically located near your customers, this could be hurting your results in search. We can handle your web hosting needs and make sure you’re set up with a host that improves the power of your website.

What else is included in Website Maintenance Service?

In addition to receiving regular website maintenance, you will also benefit from:

Search Engine Optimization

Monthly Website Maintenance Services

As experienced SEOs, we know what to look out for when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines.

As we begin working with you, we offer relevant advice to improve the success of your website, identify opportunities to improve rankings and gain more relevant traffic to your website.

Depending on your SEO goals we can provide you with a strategy to help reach your goals.

If you want to take a more serious look at SEO, check out Search Engine Optimization.

On-Call Web Developer Services

Part of our website maintenance services includes the luxury of having an on-call web developer to assist in making changes quickly and effectively (usually within 24 hours).

These changes include adding or modifying website content, altering website visual styles, making changes on the web server, and more.

We have expert HTML and website developers on hand that have worked with all types of websites including all the popular website builders.

Should you require extensive website development services, we can help to make these larger changes to your website.

Want more information? Check out our Web Development & Design services.

Freedom and Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working with us is the freedom and peace of mind that comes with regular website maintenance service.

When you no longer have to worry about maintaining your website, you’re free to focus on your business.

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What does Website Maintenance Cost?

For on-call web developer services, we currently charge $75 an hour.

If you have one of our monthly website maintenance packages, receive 50% off the hourly developer rate in addition to the hours already included in your monthly maintenance package.

The need for an on-call developer usually arises in cases of emergency such as a website being hacked and going down and needing to be restored from a backup, migrating your website to a new web host, or when only small updates are needed like creating a new web page.

If you have longer-term goals, it will make more sense financially to select a monthly maintenance package with the reduced hourly rate.

Another benefit of choosing a monthly package is our continued assistance in improving your website through website optimization, performance upgrades, and helping to inform your website marketing strategy.

Contact us so we can determine your website goals and tailor a maintenance package for you and your business.

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Here's how Website Maintenance Packages work in 3-steps:

Select the amount of hours per month that best suit your online needs (we will help you in determining the optimal number of hours for your situation). You can change packages anytime.

See Package Information

We devote those hours to performing essential software and security updates, and basic SEO. If there is a development request, expert web developers will make those changes quickly and effectively.

At regular intervals, we provide you with a high-level performance overview and expert insights in the form of a Website Health and Optimization Report (WHO) that you can use to inform your strategy online.

Our Monthly Website Maintenance Packages are designed to take the stress and worry out of having and maintaining a website; it's like having your own personal Web Developer and SEO in your corner, protecting your asset, and standing by to handle the technical demands of your online business, reliably and on-time.

Contact us today to arrange your Maintenance Package or to ask any questions you may have.

Take the complication out of having a website.

Your website is in good hands when we've got your back.

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