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Peak SEO in Victoria is about taking a website from good – to great.

We believe that any business should be able to rank highly in search engines and attract the right kind of traffic to their website; we also believe in the power of SEO as an organic marketing strategy that is the foundation for a strong and sustainable business online. 

That is why we offer powerful and customized SEO packages as one of our core services.

Combined with the right website design, Peak Websites takes your website from good to great by using proven SEO methods and strategies that get results, landing higher rankings in search engines and driving relevant, organic traffic to your website.

A local SEO company in Victoria BC, Peak Websites works with businesses to help them to reach their visions of success. We encourage you to reach out if you’re considering investing in SEO for your business and getting a free SEO audit and consultation.

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Free SEO Audit and Consultation​

Get a snap-shot of how your business stacks up against your competitors on Google and in Search.

Drop us your website and we’ll get back to you with a detailed report:

Our Process

We take a steady, results-driven approach to Search Engine Optimization, letting experience and real-data be our guide.

Get to Know You​

Before we even start work, we want to get to know what challenges you are facing and what results you'd like to see. Only by first understanding your needs can we help you to get the results you want.

Keyword Research

While conducting our audit, we’ll take into account which keywords you’re currently ranking for as well as discover new keywords that may help to drive fresh search traffic to your website. We can work with you to provide regular optimized content to help broaden your online visibility and reach new customers.

Backlink Building

Once we've taken care of the On-page SEO stuff, we move Off-Page and start building links to your website through finding relevant link partners who will endorse your site and content. Doing this helps to expand the online authority of your website and helps put your rankings over the top.

Audit Your Online Presence

Equipped with our shared goals and vision, we start by auditing where you currently are, how you compare to your competitors, and prepare a plan to begin optimizing your website and online presence for search.

On-Page SEO

We will make sure your website is correctly coded to be optimized for the keywords we have chosen during our keyword research period. This makes it more likely that search engines can understand and rank our content highly for the keywords we care about.

Track and Report Results

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Tracking our results helps us to identify the strategies and techniques that are working, and to course-correct when we notice something that isn't working. Each month we share with you our findings in a convenient SEO report.

Why work with us

Shared Vision

We want to help make your life better by improving your business and that starts with your website and sharing your perspective on what success means to you.

Web Expertise

We have been doing this long enough to know what’s important and what’s not. Wherever you want to end up, we’ve got the tools and experience to help get you there.

Straight Talk

We don’t bore you with the technical details; instead, we communicate with you in black and white terms. We understand your time is important, so we tell you what you need to know.

They’re invested. Peak Websites cares about my business’ success.


What are some of the most commonly asked SEO questions?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of ranking highly in the organic search results for keywords that are relevant to your business. If done right, your website or pages of your website will appear in the organic search results section of the search engine results page (SERPs) of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Effective SEO is achieved by optimizing your website and its content to be the preferred result of search engines like Google for certain keywords or keyword groups that are valuable to your target audience and relevant to your business. You wouldn’t want to rank highly for just any keyword but only the keywords that drive the most relevant traffic to your website where you can convert visitors into customers.
Google, and other search engines, strive to provide their users with the best possible result to match the user’s search query. SEO, in short, is positioning your website to be the best choice in the eyes of Google for the keywords that matter most to your business.
The short answer: yes. (You knew I was going to say that, right ;P). 
The truth is, a large percentage of a website’s traffic still comes from organic search (over 50%), so even if you have good brand awareness and are running ads online or on social media, you can still broaden your reach with SEO. 
This is especially true for local businesses who are competing for location-specific traffic.
Investing in your SEO means diversifying your marketing strategy and creating free flows of traffic to your website for potentially years to come.
SEO has to do with organic search results, not paid listing. In that way, each search engine uses an algorithm to decipher and decide how to rank pages and what pages should rank the highest based on many factors. Google alone uses over 200 ranking factors when deciding which website pages should rank highest in search results.
Some of the most critical factors include relevancy – how relevant a website is to a particular search query. Another important factor is the trust and authority of a website. That is, is the website reputable and can it be trusted or is it a low-quality spammy website that is likely to provide the user with a bad user experience.
These and many more factors combine to produce the top organic search results. SEO is the process of improving and optimizing these factors over time in order to be considered the most relevant and authoritative result for a given search query.
The answer to this question is always: it depends. The reason for this is due to many different factors including the type of business website you have and the type of keywords you want to rank for. Typically, the more competitive a keyword, the more difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google for it. This is especially true if you have a young or brand new website with little or no domain authority.
Typically, it can take 6 months to a year to rank for more average competition keywords while ranking locally for electricians in [location] could take only a few months. Trying to rank for highly competitive keywords, like laptops can potentially take years. It really depends on the strength of your website’s SEO and the market that you’re competing in.
Based on how Google’s ranking algorithm currently works, you have to earn your spot at the top and this requires following best practices, creating a great user experience for your visitors, and building up your authority online by sticking to your strategy and being consistent in providing good value to visitors of your website.
The first step is making sure you have all your ducks in order. That includes a well-built website, making sure your content is SEO-optimized, and following best practices for ranking well in Google and online.
Over the months, you should see increases and improvements in your ranking, and learn about what isn’t working, which we notify you with in a Monthly SEO Report.
If you’re interested in optimizing your website for better search results, get in touch with us today!

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