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Does SEO work for Small Business?

Ever wonder what SEO is, or why you might need it?

If you have a small business, you might be wondering if SEO works for small business, or if it’s worth it to hire an SEO company.

As you’ll soon see, SEO is a vital component for any business and brings with it several benefits including:

On this page, you’re going to learn what SEO is in a bit more detail, why it’s important to invest in your SEO, and how we can help with SEO for your small business.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for the keywords you want to rank for in search results.

Every time somebody does a search online, Google (or Bing) goes into their index of websites and looks for the best result to show its customers. 

How they determine the best result is based on several factors  – and that’s where SEO comes in.

By addressing the different areas of a website, through the lens of SEO, one can significantly improve your chances of ranking highly for the desired keywords

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Why Do I Need SEO?

One of the biggest arguments for why SEO is important for (small) business is because a lot of the world is online today, and if you’re not paying attention to your SEO, you can soon find your website on the dreaded Page 2 of Google (or worse).

For that to sink in, you have to realize that hardly anybody goes to page 2 when looking for something on Google (when’s the last time you ventured onto the second page??). So that means if you’re not on page 1, you’re basically invisible to people searching for the products and services online.

Taking into account the Search Engine Optimization of your website is essential to having, what’s called, search visibility. That is just what it sounds like and means that your website is front and center when people go searching for a business like yours.

How does SEO differ from Paid Ads?

There’s a misconception about SEO and why it’s necessary… Why not just pay for ads and get placed at the top of the page?

While there is nothing wrong with paid ads and they can be quite useful in generating leads, SEO and Digital Marketing are pretty different.

With Paid Ads, you pay to play, and once you stop funding your ads, your listing disappears from the first page.

Digital ads can also be expensive if you’re targeting keywords with a lot of competition, and that can really add up.

There’s also no guarantee that a click will translate into a sale, so that’s money you won’t see again. Ads are great, but they can be expensive and the results can be short-lived.

SEO on the other hand is an organic approach to generating traffic and leads.

The amazing thing about SEO is that it can generate for you free traffic over the long-term (apart from the monthly SEO work in the beginning that’s necessary).  That’s because once you are ranking highly for a particular keyword, you will tend to continue to rank well for this keyword in the search results.

How SEO is different than Digital Marketing
Concept of money tree growing from coins

Month over month, your result will linger on or around the first page.

Another way to think about SEO is like watering a plant: the more you nurture it, the bigger it grows, and once it gets big enough, you can mostly leave it up to its own devices.

Of course, tracking your results to ensure that your ranking doesn’t slip too far is something that should be noted, but generally speaking, SEO lends itself to long-term, robust results, which can generate organic traffic for months and years to come!

What Does An SEO Company Do?

While we can’t speak for every SEO company, here is our approach to SEO.

Initial Meeting

Before we start doing any heavy lifting, we will meet with you face-to-face (or virtually) to assess business goals, customer demographics, competitors, and more, to understand what success looks like and to develop an SEO strategy for the business. We will also collect any essential logins to the website backend and more.

On-Page Optimization

Once we've audited the site and developed an SEO strategy, we then optimize the website for search engines and users. This means optimizing each page for a select keyword, addressing any technical issues that can hinder search engines, and improving the flow of the site for real users such as adding more engaging call to actions or lead generation elements to the site.

Content Marketing & Linkbuilding

Part of improving a website's rankings is generating backlinks (links from other relevant websites) to the website and becoming an authority in your field online. This means publishing high-quality content, on a regular basis, and creating new links to that content. We work with you to find the best way to produce this content, either writing it for you, or optimizing the content you write.

SEO Audit Report

Next, we will do a complete SEO audit of your website to identify all the areas of the site - both on and off-site (local business directories, citations) that can be improved. This report will also include keywords to target, current keyword rankings, recommended website optimizations and content strategy, and an overview of your top competitors.

Off-Site Optimization

Once the website has been optimized, it's time to look at other places on the web that have the business' Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) listed and ensuring these profiles are accurate. It is also time to look for other relevant directories to list the business. These off-site websites help to inform Google and other search engines about the business and its relevant industry.

Monthly Reports

From the beginning, we will be tracking the success of our SEO campaign and reporting to you each month about the work that was done that month and what is upcoming. These reports will include monthly traffic, keyword rankings, and any other notable changes to the site. These reports will allow you to keep your finger on the progress being made.

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