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Peak Web Development

Do you need more functionality out of your website? Do you need it to do more to serve your business?

Your website is a tool – make no mistake about it. Today’s technology can be used in wonderful ways to make our lives – and businesses – perform more efficiently and simply.

Peak Web Development is about turning your website into a tool that works for you and your business. From custom coding to multiple coding languages, we can turn your idea into reality.

Is your website built using a platform like WordPress? No problem, we’ve been doing WordPress development for a time now and we’re used to working with website builders.

Our Process

Understanding your business needs is key to getting the best results.

Get to Know You​

Before we even start work, we want to get to know what challenges you are facing and what results you'd like to see. Only by first understanding your needs can we help you to get the results you want.


Development begins once we have a clear vision of what needs to be built. We'll continue to communicate with you as the project evolves so we can remain on target and on budget.

Project Launch

Once everything's been tested, it's time to go live! We'll be right by your side making sure everything goes smoothly.

Plan for Success

Equipped with the knowledge of your goals and vision, we can then start putting together the pieces of what's required to get to our destination, and provide you with a timeline.


Before we sign off on our work, we thoroughly test the code to make sure it's working as expected. Only once we've tested the code in various environments are we able to proceed to project launch.

Monitor Results

Finishing a project is nice but it's always a good idea to monitor the code from time to time. We can work with you to ensure there are no hiccups down the road so you can focus on what really matters.

Why Work with Peak Websites?


We get to the bottom of what you really need and hold the technical jargon. We want to make your website work for you and we can help to make that happen.

Experienced Developers & SEOs

Our experience and knowledge with web design, SEO, digital marketing and practical coding saves you time and money by doing it right the first time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don’t stop until it’s right because at the end of the day, our success if your success, and we take that very seriously. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

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