Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Are you a restaurant looking for an online ordering system?

Hello, my name’s David and I’m the owner of Peak Websites.

When the pandemic hit, I realized early on the need for restaurants to offer safe, secure, and contactless online ordering, for the unforeseeable future.

As an experienced web developer and longtime employee of the food-service industry before that, I knew I was in a unique position to help bridge the gap for restaurant owners between running a restaurant in this “new normal” and using technology to help do just that.

I knew solutions already existed for restaurants, so I began digging in; I researched and interviewed countless online ordering software companies and demoed dozens of online ordering apps.

I knew I wanted the online ordering system I choose to work seamlessly on any device, be branded to the restaurant, and easily allow for contactless pickup, delivery, curbside, and dine-in.

Oh yeah, and it would all operate commission-free in order to combat and save on 3rd-party commission fees.

Moreover, it would have to be quick and easy to set up, be able to integrate with most POS systems, and be easily managed and controlled by the restaurant.

Eventually, I did find the right technological solution that accomplishes all those things, effectively, helping to bridge the gap for restaurants adapting to this new normal

Please continue to read through this page to learn about the excellent features, and try the demo app out for yourself to see just how easy it is to bring your restaurant online.

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Digital ordering has outgrown dine-in traffic


Consumers agree its more convenient to order takeout/delivery


Consumers prefer to order directly from restaurant website


Branded Mobile App

Give your customers a branded and engaging mobile app and desktop experience that works seamlessly on any device, regardless of whether Apple or Android.

Secure Payment

Allow your customers the option to pay COD, credit card, debit, and net banking through PCI-compliant, secure gateway integrations of your choice.

Delivery Zones

Set up delivery areas, control minimum order and delivery charges, and track all your delivery orders in a clear, centralized dashboard.

Quick Setup

Get set up in less than an hour and start receiving online orders. Get a QR code for instant scanning for passers-by.

Customer Loyalty Tools

Coupon builders, Reward programs, combos and promotional display, and Email Newsletters to drive customer loyalty.

Multilingual Support

Offer your online ordering system in multiple languages and accommodate all your customers.

POS Integrated

Seamlessly integrate online ordering with your POS system and gain complete control of all your front and back-end operations.

Dedicated Support

Receive timely and dedicated customer support from staff that cares so you’re never far from an answer or a solution.

No Commissions

Most online ordering systems take a cut of your profits. We don’t. Only pay a low, flat monthly fee.

Your Restaurant's Front-of-House — only online

How customers order:

  1. Customer selects an ordering option
  2. Customer browses and selects items from menu
  3. Customer fills out checkout information
  4. Customer enters payment details
  5. Order is sent to the restaurant

How orders can be received:

  1. View orders from the central dashboard
  2. Recieve orders by email
  3. Get automated phone calls
  4. Receive a text
  5. Automatically print to a printer

Key Benefits

  • Save on 3rd-party commissions
  • Designed for YOUR business
  • Learn about your customers and provide better value

Basic Plan

Basic features to get you started
$ 65 Per month/restaurant
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Mobile Web Ordering
  • Online Payments
  • Real Time Order Notification
  • Coupon Builder
  • Loyalty Program
  • Order Management Dashboard
  • Real Time Analytics

Pro Plan

Full-featured for restaurant professionals
$ 115 Per month/restaurant
  • All of the Basic Features plus:
  • Order Notification Through Printer
  • Order Notification Through Fax
  • Delivery Management
  • Facebook Ordering

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