Below are a few of the websites we have created. Contact us with your requirements and we'll guide you in making the best decision for your needs!

Canadian In-Floor Radiant Solutions

This project was a redesign of CIRS existing website. It was built on top of BootStrap and coded in HTML5 and CSS3. Special attention was dedicated to accessibility testing and ensuring compatibility with WAI-ARIA specifications. It also features custom JavaScript code for the navigation and mobile cost examples widget.

Hollis Wealth

This site was designed and developed as a draft for a financial planning company. It is a simple website that incorporates all the necessary information. Future development plans include to integrate Social Media networks and launch a complete SEO strategy.


This is a custom website built with HTML5 and JavaScript in the front-end with PHP and MySQL in the back-end. It uses geolocational APIs to track user location, is time-zone aware, and features a custom registration and event system that automatically notifies users via email of news and upcoming events.

Luna's Canoa Massage

This site was designed on WordPress and is a simple brochure style website for a Massage Studio in Ecuador. Future plans include integrating a booking system through the website that allows website visitors to book online and be notifid of their bookings.