The most resilient jobs during COVID-19

The social distancing and quarantine measures mandated by many governments around the world have significantly reshaped the way we live our lives. Upwards of 125,000 Americans and over 500,000 thousand people worldwide have died from the virus, and many more are suffering as the economy continues to take a downturn.

But you should know that some jobs have not only survived the pandemic but have thrived. In this guide, we’ll examine some of the most in-demand and critical jobs during COVID-19.

Software Developers

Software developers design, develop, test, and maintain the software, programs, and applications that hundreds of millions of us use each day.

Now, they are needed more than ever as many companies across the world are transitioning to being online. These businesses will need expert websites, marketing strategies, and technical expertise in their corners to help meet the rising ubiquity of digital software.

Before the pandemic, a company’s website may have played just a complementary role in a business’s overall strategy; nowadays, a website is a primary touch-point for customers, many becoming the main point of sale for online transactions.

Not only that but with the number of people working from home, there has been increasing demand for internet usage and networks. And let’s not forget restaurants, retail shops, and supermarkets that are seeing an increase in online ordering.

Overall, software developers were already in high demand before the outbreak but this increasing usage of online technology is underscoring the need for them now.

Healthcare Professionals

It’s no surprise that healthcare professionals are on this list; after all, they only do the unimportant task of saving our lives, right?

In fact, people are starting to consider healthcare professionals as the heroes of this century. They are sacrificing their own lives and mental wellbeing in the hopes of saving many others, with many being put into traumatic situations themselves, dealing with the ugliness of this disease.

Doctors, nurses, medical assistants, personal care aides, psychologists, social workers and the rest – all of them are essential for the overall human health and well-being of their communities, neighbors, and loved ones – and with the pandemic, they are the ones on the front line every day.

It will be the healthcare professionals who find a vaccine for this disease, if possible, so it is one of the few job fields that is not only going to survive the pandemic but gain more respect and support from society in general.

IT Support

With social distancing and quarantine measures in place, many people are working from home, forcing a major segment of the work-force to become acquainted with their hardware (devices) and software platforms like Zoom and Slack.

Those who are stuck at home – but not particularly working – are spending all this extra time on social media, streaming movies, playing online games, or learning a new language, which only generates more of a demand for online jobs and support.

Major online tech companies are hiring feverishly, trying to get ahead of the digital demand that they see ahead of them and this incentivizing is creating more opportunities for those in IT support.

If you were ever looking for a flexible job, telemarketing and IT support roles are looking for the help!

Digital Marketing

I’m sure most people have spent more time procrastinating on their smart devices in the last few months than maybe in the previous year! But it’s hard not to when you have all this extra “sitting around” time.

This increase in free time has resulted in a huge increase in time spent on the internet and digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business, a restaurant, or virtually any other kind of business, now could be a great time to consider implementing a new digital marketing strategy.

This transition from traditional marketing to digital has only been underscored by COVID-19, which means now is a great time to start thinking about a career in digital marketing.

Wrapping up…

The pandemic has disrupted the economy across the world and the job market has had to adapt to these new social norms. Some jobs will suffer in light of this upending of the economy but other job industries will thrive.

Software developers, IT support, and digital marketing are a few of the sectors that represent great opportunities for employment as well as flexibility and job security, as more people are using the internet to perform life’s essential activities.

For health professionals and frontline workers, jobs in healthcare are needed more than ever and continue to prove vital for helping to stem the tide of this disease and return the job market to a place of more stability.

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