Why It’s Important To Keep Your Website Updated (And An Easy Solution)

Let’s be honest, whenever we come across a poor website that’s outdated and tiny on mobile (you know, websites that aren’t mobile friendly) we cringe. There’s nothing quite as off putting as a website that looks like it was built a decade or two ago. You can be sure your customers notice, too.

Websites are like cars, they need to be maintained to maintain optimal functionality. When something breaks, it needs to be replaced otherwise it won’t be possible to get from A to B.

Websites are living documents and Google rewards websites with fresh content, helping to generate more search impressions and drive additional traffic and revenue to the site. When a website is left alone for too long, it stagnates, things break, and rankings drop.

That’s why, for optimal SEO, it’s crucial to treat your website like a car and take care to make sure it’s ready to take you to your destination. Whether that’s higher search rankings and greater conversions, you need to treat your website like the effective online business tool that it is.

Should You Need A Hand, Invest In Quality Providers

Just recently, we’ve been made aware that our company received its first review on Clutch, an established B2B review and rating agency from Washington, DC. That review features our ongoing website SEO and maintenance support for a retail store based in Canada.

An analyst from Clutch personally contacted the Owner of Leka Design and conducted the interview over the phone. The review was then published on February 23, 2021, and it has five-star ratings.

A review on Clutch from Leka Design for Peak Websites
Clutch Review of Peak Websites

We had to step in and take care of our client’s website after their past developer left. So far, the client is pleased with our efforts and we are looking forward to starting SEO work with them.

“David’s (Owner & Frontend Developer) very clear and explains web jargon in layman’s terms. I’ve worked with others in the past that don’t do that. David never says more than he needs to, which is really helpful.”

Owner, Leka Design

The fact that our client took the time to leave us a review means a lot to us and we’re are grateful for their confidence in us.

Our team is also excited to start seeing more reviews come in soon. We know that Clutch will be a powerful avenue for us to showcase our work.

The Power of Search Marketing

Aside from keeping your website running smoothly, another way to boost your brand awareness is through search engine marketing, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as it’s otherwise known. Combined with Search Engine Optimization, PPC can supercharge website traffic and search visibility.

That’s because paid ads and SEO or two sides of the same coin and both are concerned with targeting buyers where they are in the buying cycle.

As a SEO agencies on The Manifest, a business news website that publishes B2B-related content from across the world, Peak Websites is among the top 100 in the global SEM agencies list. It’s an honor for us to be featured on The Manifest and we are delighted to have our works and services appreciated by our clients and industry platforms.

How can we help you get the success you want to see online? Contact us or let us know in the comments!

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